Biden’s Presidency Faces Capitol Hill Realities with a Looming Impeachment Trial

Predictable Insights provides a unique, crowdsourced perspective at the intersection of politics and prediction markets. Each edition includes an update on the politics driving the week that was as well as highlights from PredictIt‘s market analysts. It’s Friday and here are the insights we’ve been keeping an eye on: the Biden presidency has begun with a flurry of executive actions and bold intentions, but a Senate in limbo and an impending impeachment trial could slow its initial attempts to get off the ground in the first 100 days.

*Market prices updated as of 8 a.m. EST on Friday, January 22
.MARKETS MAKING NEWS This Week in the Markets With an American flag as the backdrop, President Joe Biden stands in profile at a podium.Photo: Official White House Photo The Biden Presidency Already Facing Hurdles Two days into his presidency and Joe Biden is already facing several headaches as his administration attempts to get his priorities off the ground on Capitol Hill. While the first unified government in more than a decade has grand plans to enact its “bold” agenda, a second impeachment trial and a Senate in limbo amid a standoff on a power-sharing agreement are causing unforeseen issues already. The Clock Begins to Tick for Biden and His New Administrations Just hours after taking the oath of office as the 46th US president on Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed 17 executive actions, most of which reverse Trump administration policies. The executive actions focused on COVID, climate change and immigration. The moves by the Biden administration aren’t unheard of as former President Donald Trump made similar first-day moves on policies championed by the Obama administration. The questions now are — as a lot of Trump’s were four years ago — how many of these actions will be challenged in the courts and whether they will hamper Biden’s ability to get moderate Republican support for key legislation he can’t get done just with the stroke of a pen.
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